Elizabeth Crisante

Head of Member Engagement and Programming



Elizabeth is a seasoned advertising professional who has seamlessly transitioned from a career in law. Prior to embracing the media world, she worked at her family’s law firm for over 5 years and obtained her Juris Doctorate.

During her time in law school, Elizabeth co-founded an innovative OOH technology startup that transformed the windows of vacant retail spaces into immersive and real-time content and advertising. This entrepreneurial venture laid the foundation for her dynamic approach to blending creativity with technology.

With close to a decade of experience in advertising, Elizabeth leverages her legal background to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences while aligning with brand objectives and demographics. 

Elizabeth’s unique background and expertise led her into experiential advertising and event production where she now serves as the Head of Member Engagement and Programming at COMMB. At COMMB, her passion for event production and deep understanding of balancing creativity and strategy ensures that member objectives and voices are heard in the OOH industry.